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Feburary 14th - 16th

The goal of Cal Poly’s Audio Engineering Society is to connect students interested in audio engineering with the industry itself. Finding a career in the technical aspects of sound is rarely a direct path, as the production and reproduction of sound incorporates so many disciplines. Here at Cal Poly, we are hoping to change that. 

Cal Poly AudioCon is a platform for education, networking, and sharing innovation. The first of this three day event is in the form of a career fair style exhibit. Companies demonstrate what they do through interactive demos of their products, as well as talking to students about audio career opportunities and what it's like to work in the industry.

The second day, both students and companies present projects. Students can present audio projects they are working on and get advice and/or resouces during the project round-table. Companies can present potential R&D projects for students to work on or to use as school projects. The second day will conclude with a banquet.

On the third day, companies will host workshops to educate students on a variety of audio-related topics (for examples, check out some of the workshops from AudioCon 2018). 

If you are a student, company, or industry professional interested in participating, sign up below!