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Hi-Fi Earbuds: A Workshop to Educate the Consumer

A collaborative effort between Audio Engineering Society and Consumer Electronics Society!

On February 1st, Jared Friedman, a professional in-ear Monitor reviewer and student at Cal Poly, will be giving a workshop focusing on in-ear monitors and his process of reviewing them for Linsoul Audio (Chinese hi-fi audio products distributor) as well as a basic guide on how to decide what IEMs to buy for your own music preference. Starting with a quick introduction on what an IEM is (including a brief overview on the 2 driver types) and what differentiates something that sounds good from something that doesn’t, Jared will then be jumping into sound signatures and what he listens for when reviewing new products. Then he will address common misconceptions and example tracks for critical listening before opening the front up for people to test any of the various IEMs he has brought as examples. Included with each IEM will be a frequency response graph as well as some quick notes about the sonic characteristics and the price they cost to buy (as a reference point). The whole event is expected to take between 30 and 45 minutes, including the audience testing portion.

Immediately followed by the second Audio Engineering Society general meeting of winter quarter - pizza provided!

Location: Bldg 33, Room 286 (Fisher Science)