The Project:

Distortion pedals are one of the most basic and most used types of guitar effects pedal, and this project serves as a good introduction into the world of guitar effects building. The Firemace is based on Robin Tomtlunds Red Fuzz design. This project is designed to be a reasonably easy to build kit with the possibility of modification and customization.

The Objective:

Learn the inner workings of distortion pedals, and the common techniques involved in building most guitar effect pedals. Build your skills in circuit assembly and circuit analysis, and use your creativity to personalize the pedal. The project builds skills including opamp and transistor analysis, soldering, enclosure building. Along the way you will get an introduction to PCB design, electronics prototyping, electronic components, common circuit blocks, time and frequency domain analysis.


More Information

View the schematic below or check out the github repository for more information about the project, modification ideas, PCB design and more.